Why Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

stick shift

Even if you don’t ever plan to own one there are several valid reasons to learn to drive a stick shift besides avoiding inconvenience or embarrassment. You could help save a life.

Be ready to take the wheel anytime.

Once you learn to drive a stick shift you can help out by sharing the driving on long trips. Having more than one driver is not only safer but the trip can be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

Learn to drive a stick shift and be prepared to drive someone to receive immediate medical attention. Or, if a friend has had “one too many” you can make a difference by being the designated driver that gets them home safely.

Become more employable

Learn to drive a stick shift and avail yourself to numerous job opportunities that call for manual shift driving skills.

Whether you’re vying for an opening as a hotel valet or a car jockey, or even landing an acting role in a film, get that extra edge when a job prospect comes knocking.

Facilitate your driver’s license upgrade.

Before accepting you into their license upgrade training programs many truck-driving schools insist that you know how to drive a stick shift so that you can adapt more easily to driving manual transmission trucks.

Driving stick shift also gives you an edge if you decide to operate other types of manual vehicles, such as motorcycles and formula racecars.

Save on overseas car rentals.

Renting a car while abroad lets you to discover the lesser-known attractions.

But many European rental agencies only rent stick shifts. Automatics are scarce and pricey and you may have to settle for a luxury gas-guzzler.


By learning to drive stick you get access to the readily available manual cars, more models to choose from, while saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Every time you rent overseas you’ll cash in on your return on investment to learn.

Avail yourself to better deals

Some vehicles may be available only with a manual transmission, especially new sports cars, during the early stage of their launch into the market.

Occasionally car dealers may have difficulty unloading a vehicle simply because it is a manual and are inclined to offer aggressive incentives. If you’re a bargain hunter this can spell a great opportunity as you take advantage of these great deals.

Also, if you’re in the market for used you have a much wider range of vehicles to choose from.

Once you learn to drive a stick shift you may enjoy it well enough to own one as your next vehicle of choice.