Single Manual Shift Driving Lessons

Take your lessons – pay-as-you-go

Discover what skills you need to possess to drive stick shift and see them in action, correctly executed.

Assess your own skill level to determine what you need to know to operate a stick shift competently and assess the approximate time frame you’ll require to reach your goal.

Begin to drive a stick shift stress-free with simple, logical, easy-to-remember, exercises to develop the most effective driving skills, right from the start.

Enjoy private, one-on-one, coaching with a personable, knowledgeable personal trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods to foster independent decision-making, right from the get go.

Practise in a clean, late-model, fully insured, Shifters trainer-equipped vehicle.

May be used as a sampler before choosing your course or as a follow-up, refresher.


SL-02000  2.0-hours – Manual Driving Lesson–w/limited pick-up

Liberal practise time to really anchor each skill learnt.

New – Includes limited pick-up – meet your personal trainer at your home or workplace.

Limited. Certain limitations apply. Postal codes, Rush-hour traffic, no-stopping zones, etc…


SL-01500  1.5-hours – Manual Driving Lesson

Provides 90 minutes – moderate practise time to help anchor each new skill you learn.

Meet your personal trainer at one of our convenient meeting locations.


SL-01000 – 1-hour – Manual Driving Lesson

Fits easily into your busy schedule.



SL-00500 – 30 minutes – Manual Driving Lesson

Ideal as a “quick check-up” lesson

Single 30 minutes Manual Shift Driving Lesson.


Single Manual Shift Driving Lessons come in 30-minute blocks.

SL-02000 – 120 minutes, including limited pick-up 193.00

SL-01500 – 90 minutes –127.00

SL-01000 – 60 minutes – 89.00

SL-00500 – 30 minutes – 59.00